Affiliated tourism activities

More and more Accommodations and Car Rentals are choosing WiTourist
to provide the best mobile WiFi solution to their Customers!

Depending on the specific Activity, the Service is offered with different rates, as follows:
  • bullet Free The Activity offers the Service for free.
  • bullet Standard The Activity offers the Service at the same standard rates adopted by Stores.
  • bullet Independent The Activity offers the Service autonomously, with its own rates, procedures, and Rental Agreement.

Many Tourism Activities offer models other than the 4G devices offered online:
Pocket WiFi
Pocket WiFi
Pocket WiFi
Pocket WiFi
  • Tourism Activities offer WiTourist exclusively to their Clients.
  • Tourism Activities are independent and work under their own responsibility.
  • Tourism Activities do not offer the “Return to Hotel option" and the hotspot must be returned to the same location.

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  • Hotel
  • Apartment Rental Agency
  • Apartment and B&B
  • Car rental
  • Other
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