Reserve your pocket WiFi in Italy

Pick-up and return it at:

  • bullet  The accommodation where you will be staying while in Italy
  • bullet  One of the over 1100 TNT Points in Italy
  • bullet  The major Airports in Italy

Choose your pocket WiFi
Pick-up and return
The hotspot device will be available by 9 AM on this date.
Last day of hotspot usage, date on which the return will take place.
User information
IMPORTANT: the request must be completed by the actual service user.
If you confirm your booking, you will be asked to arrange payment through your Paypal account or Credit Card, that will serve as legal proof of identification, avoiding the need to send us your identity document!
Taxes exclusion NOT available for Italian Companies
Notice: Witourist will check your Company informations. If your Company is not registered at the Vies register, Witourist will not be able to proceed with the tax esclusion and the invoice will can be issued exclusively as "private user"
Promotion / Coupon
Don't trust anyone who requires that you pay immediately...
delivery can require from 1 to 5 days!
Get a quotation with a deadline to meet in order to receive your device in time!
By sending this request, you authorize the use of your personal data in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, for the purposes related to the service management.