How to return my device when booking online?

Initially you will receive an envelope. Inside this envelope there is a box (with inside hotspot, charger, cable, and instructions) and a second envelope for return of all items.
This second envelope has a transparent plastic pocket with a prefilled waybill.
It’s very important that you keep this second envelope and don’t remove the waybill, that is prepaid and reports all the information necessary for the return shipment by TNT!

Last day of rental, you will need to insert the box (with the hotspot and all accessories inside) into the return envelope, seal it, and give to the Receptionist or the TNT Point personnel. That’s all!

If you return to your hotel Reception desk, or to a contact person if you chosen an apartment, we will contact them in order to arrange the courier passage as soon as possible. 
If you return to a TNT Point, please make sure to observe the opening hours indicated, and arrive at least a half an hour prior to closing.