What is a Store and how does it work?

Stores are activities “on the road”, like bike rental, souvenir shops, info points, that also rent WiTourist devices.
They are independent from WiTourist and work under their responsibility with their own devices fleet.

To rent a device, you have only to go to the Store, without reservation.
Of course, fees are not applied for the delivery, and if also the return takes place at the same shop, even return fees will not be applied. Alternatively, you can decide to return to any hotel in Italy: you’ll receive a prepaid kit that will let you return the hotspot in an easy way, and you will incur a €10 “return to hotel” fee.

Every Store adopts WiTourist standards (devices, dataplan, Rental Agreement, procedures, instructions, registration form, and so on), offering only a specific hotspot model. As this is the case, we recommend checking the models available before you go to a specific Store.