How can mobile WiFi simplify and improve my travel?

When you rent a single WiFi hotspot, you allow your family to continuously access the Internet, and use a lot of web-based services that can improve and simplify your Italian holiday.

You will be able to adapt to new places, use public transport, translate a conversation, read more about what lies ahead, read an email sent just minutes before, chat with a friend halfway around the world, make calls via VoIP, share your location, find a good restaurant in the area, and much more!

Below are some examples of available services. The list is long! We provide only the basic information because this world of "web-based" services is evolving at an incredible rate!
We invite you to learn more about a specific app that interests you by direct access through the developer’s website and test it immediately by installing it on your device -the most are free- before leaving for Italy!

You will not be strained to communicate with friends or relatives only when you return to the hotel in the evening.
You will be able to send and receive email anywhere, call via VoIP (often for free), make video-calls (eg. with Skype), and have real-time control of your social media like Facebook or Google+.

If you rent multiple WiFi hotspots, you can easily keep in touch with your traveling companions at no cost, even if you are temporarily separated, by chatting, calling and sharing your location with apps such as WhatsApp and Viber.

You can share your photos and video in real-time via social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or save them via your cloud with Google Photos, Skydrive, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram.
An effective and fun way for real-time sharing of your trip’s best moments with your loved ones!

We hope that you can have fun as much as possible, but if you must work... you can access your documents in the cloud from wherever you are, with services such as Drive, iCloud, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and work remotely as if you were in your office!

Navigate and Travel
You use your smartphone to navigate the cities where you live, to find destinations on foot, by car, or by using the best possible public transport. There are dozens of free apps, starting with the famous Google Maps!

Why not use your smartphone to discover and experience a unknown city in the best way? Easily find a specific address, or quickly look up the name of a specific business or tourist attraction!

If you are using public transport, most local transportation companies have an app available that allows you to be updated about bus waiting times and bus stop locations.

If you are using a car, you can receive real-time traffic data, alerts about cameras locations, the location of the cheapest gas stations near you, and so on...

And if you want to “rebuild” your Italian adventure after returning home, you can keep track of your travel with apps such as Google My tracks, Orux Maps, Outdoor Atlas, etc.

You will constantly see buildings, monuments, works of art that will attract your curiosity!
Now, with a single click, you can learn more using the many available search engines, or a large number of apps and websites, such as the famous Wikipedia!
Some apps, like the amazing Google Goggles, even allow you to "recognize" a monument or work of art, and it will give you information, simply by framing it!
Depending on your location, others apps allow you to have interactive guides that explain what you're facing, such as Triposo, Tripwolf, Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor.

Relax, translate, eat ...
Take a break and read a newspaper online, see a movie in your language, listen to your favorite music by choosing from millions of songs...
When you need it, you can translate any text (such as a menu!) simply by framing it, or talk to anyone with an "interpreter" by your side, thanks to the excellent Google Translate...

When you're hungry, you can get advice from thousands of people, thanks to the excellent Tripadvisor, and discover the best restaurants around you!

To Conclude
Mobile WiFi data access can simplify and make your trip more comfortable in a thousand different ways, for a very small cost!
For almost every need, you have an app! You have only to be prepared in advance, make a selection, read up, and create your personal travel "kit", to have the best and most well-deserved holiday!