How many devices can I connect to a single pocket WiFi?

The 4G and 4G+ devices we rent online permits connection of up to 10 devices simultaneously, allowing your entire family to stay connect at the same time!

Please note that the connection speed is shared among the connected devices, and the hotspot battery consumption is proportional to the number of connections supported by the hotspot, so having 10 devices connected at the same time could result in speed slowdown and quick battery drainage. For this reason, when using high data consumption apps or services like Netflix or Spotify, we recommend that you rent a single mobile hotspot for every 4-5 personal devices that you plan to connect during your trip.

See “HOTSPOT DEVICES” FAQ section to know more about battery consumption.

“3G Basic” device  offered by some  of our Partners (Stores and Tourism Activities) allows for a maximum connection of 5 devices simultaneously.  See the specific details in the sections indicated.