Why do other operators have additional fees and charges?

All standard Italian dataplans have traffic limits applied, and usually offer only a few Gb per month.  Once the set limit is surpassed, the connection is is blocked or the speed is reduced to such a low level that you will be unable to use even the most basic services. After the speed is blocked or reduced, you will have to purchase additional Gb (although not always possible, and when it is possible, it can be very expensive) to continue navigating at the highest speed.

Some operators have extra fees for tethering or allowing you to use the 4G speed.

Also, all dataplans allow access to additional services (in many cases, unknowingly and inadvertently), like when you click on a banner which can result in making undesirable weekly or monthly subscription charges directed credited to your dataplan.

With WiTourist you can relax, because everything is included, no hidden clauses, and the hotspot device is configured so you will not incur any additional charges or fees