What are the problems associated with fixed WiFi?

A fixed WiFi network is based upon a series of antennas with limited potential to disseminate service over a set region. In the best case, coverage will be limited to only a specific section of a city center, like a neighborhood.  Any antenna covers a specific area with a radius of a set number of meters (from 15 to 50): consequently, the connection can frequently be interrupted until you are in range of the next antenna.

You must consider that fixed WiFi network areas in Italy are “rare”, and when present, often they may not function correctly (e.g. have partial antenna function).

Limits of use
Connection may happen with limited speed, with a time limit, or maximum amount of data available.  Usually, services like VoIP and streaming videos are blocked.

Fixed WiFi access requires a registration process that requests personal information and takes time away from your trip, and must be one on every personal device you wish to connect.  Registration does not always allow for immediate connection, and it can take several minutes for authentication to arrive.  Also, for every new network you must repeat the registration process...

When connected to the same WiFi network, other users may have access to your personal devices for illicit purposes. With WiTourist, your family has an exclusive WiFi network that no unknown persons can access, unless you provide them the password.

Almost all fixed Wifi networks redirect you to a “landing page”, which generates promotions and advertisements every time you connect.  Also the email address you provide for registration can be used for promotional purposes.