What do you mean with “respect for you”?

In the “Web Era”, we are used to a very aggressive marketing approach. Companies often use words in a sneaky way, to let you understand one thing, but indicating other...
Our approach is different, and below you can read some examples.

Be sure to receive in time
Other rental companies make you pay immediately, also if sometime they well know that it is not possible to deliver your device in time!
It’s not correct, because they “lock” you to their service, as you have already paid, and now you are “obliged” to wait for the first available delivery date!
We don’t make you pay immediately, but give you a quotation with a deadline to meet, based upon your location and dates indicated, which will ensure that you receive your device in time.

No need to create an account
Almost every commercial website requires you create an account in order to make additional contact trying to sell their products. We don’t!  We not “persecute” you with dozens of emails if you are not interested in our service.

Our approach is to email your quotation with the deadline, as indicated above. If you have not yet confirmed the ordered, and the deadline is near, we only send you another email to remind you of the date. Nothing more...

If you confirm the booking, no account is needed! We will only contact you by email, using your booking code, and only concerning communications related to your rental. If, after the rental period, you’d like to stay in touch with us, you can ”friend” our Facebook account.

No “insurance” needed
Initially, other companies indicate a daily price, but when you go to the booking form, they have additional “insurance” options available for purchase in order to avoid extremely high penalties if the device is stolen or lost…
We set the lowest penalties possible, with no other suggested “options” needed. If you lose your device, or your device is stolen, we cash your deposit as the “penalty fee”, with no additional penalties guaranteed. 

No fake “unlimited” traffic
It’s a fundamental point for us: it’s not acceptable that others operators indicate “unlimited” traffic, but decreases your speed after you meet a specific data traffic quota! Our dataplan is truly unlimited, which means you always can navigate at full speed.

Customer-friendly Terms and Conditions
As you are on holiday, a service like this requires Terms and Conditions that are customer-oriented, easy to understand and apply, which allows any eventual problem to be solved quickly and easy! Please read the FAQ section “Booking”, and/or read our Terms and Conditions, to see some examples of our “approach”!