What do you mean with “fair marketing”?

Referral programs
Almost every other WiFi rental Company has a referral program that offers money to people (bloggers) to write articles about their service with a link to their website. Generally, for every effective new customer that order through this link, the company offers a percentage or a fix fee to the blogger. Good for the bloggers, but not for you!  Remember, it’s your money, and this practice risks the creation of fake reviews!

Bloggers writing about us are free to write what they really think, because we don't pay them.

“Real” followers
Do you know that anyone can buy Facebook followers? It’s a phenomenon that increases everyday, usually because people are more willing to trust Companies with a larger numbers of followers.
We don’t purchase our followers!  We make every year thousands and thousands of rentals, and in our experience only a small percentage of customers truly decide to become a follower, even if the large majority are satisfied with our service. We don’t force anyone to be our follower, we don’t offer discounts if you become a follower, and we don’t buy fake followers.

The number of followers we have is the normal “physiological” number related to the number of rentals.