Rent a pocket WiFi in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and many other cities, without reservation and delivery fees!

Visit an WiTourist affiliated Store, and find our original products, rates, and Terms and Conditions.
Return is available at the same Store for free, or you can choose the "Return to Hotel option (+€10)" and return the pocket WiFi to any Hotel in Italy!

Many Stores offer models other than the 4G device offered online. Click "Details" for technical information.
Stores Prices
Stores Prices
Stores Prices
  • Stores are independent and work under their own responsibility.
  • “Return to Hotel” option is possible only for Hotels in Italy with a reception desk (no B&B, apartments, and TNT Points), and the name of the Hotel must be indicated at the time of rental.

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  • 3G Basic Unlimited
  • 3G+ Unlimited
  • 4G Unlimited
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