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5G WiFi in Italy, advice from WiTourist

Monday, 15 May, 2023
5G network in Italy now covers 95.9% of the population, and this technology finally becomes a valid option for our most demanding customers.

WiTourist is pleased to announce that it is now possible to rent a device 5G WiFi in Italy, to have the fastest and most powerful mobile data connection ever!

The name of our new device is “Office 5G”. It is a fixed 5G WiFi router which must be connected to a socket to work and which is capable of connecting up to 256 users!

This device generates a 5G WiFi network wherever you are in Italy, with speeds on average 10 times higher than the 4G WiFi devices we already offer, in the order of 150 / 300 Mbps!
  • How did we develop our 5G WiFi offer?
In the last year, the R&D team of WiTourist, a leading company in the WiFi rental sector in Italy, has tested dozens of 5G router models, looking for the best compromise between speed, stability, width of the WiFi network generated, ease of use and reliability.
Meanwhile, we have implemented 5G connectivity on the professional IOT-type data plan that we have been using with great satisfaction for over 10 years.
The result is a professional, super-fast and very easy-to-use 5G WiFi solution, to have the maximum possible speed available throughout Italy by simply connecting the plug into the wall!
  • What should I do to get a connection 5G WiFi in Italy with WiTourist?
WiTourist offers the possibility to rent a router 5G WiFi in Italy even for just two days, to have the best possible connectivity with minimum effort and minimum cost. Just like with all the other devices we rent, you'll just have to decide where and when to receive your device 5G WiFi in Italy choosing from many options, such as hotels, apartments, campsites, airports or one of over 1200 Fedex Points in Italy!
Once collected your 5G WiFi router, you will just have to plug it in, wait 30 seconds for the 5G WiFi network to be generated, and connect all your devices (smartphone, TV, PC) using the credentials (wifi network and password) printed on the device. That’s it, from now on you can enjoy the fastest speed possible!
No installation and configuration are required, because all our routers are supplied "ready to use".
At the end of the rental, you can return your router always by choosing the option you prefer, using the "Return Bag" we will provide, equipped with your prefilled and prepaid waybill.
  • Do I need to have a 5G smartphone to browse at full speed?
No, your phone can be 4G, or obviously you can use devices such as PC, TV, etc., you will take advantage of the network 5G WiFi in Italy generated by the WiTourist device.
You can consider it as an excellent and valid alternative to home fiber if your living area is not covered by the wired infrastructure yet.
  • Who is this new 5G WiFi product aimed at?
The WiTourist 5G WiFi device, called "Office 5G", is mainly aimed at business, for those who need a reliable and stable line for a team of many people, for smart working needs with intensive use of videos in locations where there is not the landline.
All the 4G WiFi solutions we offer use an uncompromising professional data plan which generally allows the viewing of video content up to 4K, but the speed of 5G ensures such performance for several people at the same time!
Furthermore, since the 5G network is much less used, you not only will take advantage of a more efficient technology, with our "Office 5G" device you will also be less affected from any crowding of the mobile data network in urban centers with a high population density.
  • How can I check 5G coverage in Italy?
You can just make a check by yourself at this address. (https://www.windtrebusiness.it/copertura/nazionale)
If the area of your interest is not covered by the 5G signal, you can consider our PRO and SMART pocket devices in 4G+ as an alternatives.
  • How to get the new WiTourist router "Office 5G"?
We are currently renting the new product only to business customers, but it will be available soon in our online booking cart at www.witourist.com/booking-online.
If you want to get information on how to pre-book our new device "Office 5G" WiFi in Italy, you can write to us at info@witourist.com.
Our operators will be happy to answer your questions and let you try the best mobile connection solution available today on the Italian market.
  • Who is WiTourist?
WiTourist is an EVOLIA Srl brand, the number one operator in Italy in the rental of mobile WiFi specifically designed for the tourism and business sector.
Through the witourist.com portal, we have been renting mobile and fixed WiFi devices for over 10 years to tourists and professionals who need to have a high-quality internet connection in Italy.

But our commitment does not end here! We have developed professional solutions that allow hundreds of tour operators to directly provide a data connection, mobile or fixed, to their customers, very easily and cheaply!
If you manage a tourist business (hotel, B&B, holiday home, car rental) contact us and we will choose together the most suitable formula for your needs!

WiTourist, always online in Italy!

WiFi 5G in Italia