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Friday, 10 November, 2017
Rent power bank and car charger in Italy
As of today with WiTourist you can rent many useful devices for your Italy trip. Not just a Pocket WiFi, but also Power Bank and USB car adapters!

We have selected the best devices with the latest technology, to provide you the utmost level of functionality and reliability without having to purchase them for just a few days.

Choose at your convenience what devices you might need upon arrival and return it at your departure, without having to worry about any possible
compatibility issues with Italian standards and by only spending a few cents a day!

Rent the Power Bank 10000 mAh to recharge your devices wherever you are, and to ensure you are never without power!
Slim and comfortable to carry, even in your pocket, the Power Bank always displays the charge available at any time.
The power is delivered by two 2.4A USB ports, which allow you to recharge even two tablets at the same time!
Through the iM-Power system, the ports adjust the power delivered according to the actual demand of the devices you are charging, thus optimizing charging times.
The bank has a protective system that ensures a constant voltage charge, avoids overheating, and stops charging when it is no longer needed.

Rent the 2x2.4A Car charger if you plan to travel by car and want to charge your devices safely.
This car charger allows you to use the cigarette lighter socket in any car (12 and 24 volts), and also has two 2.4A USB ports to recharge two devices the same time!
The charger is equipped with the iSmart system to adjust the power output according to the actual demand of the connected device, in order to speed up charging.
This device is also equipped with an advanced protection system that ensures a constant voltage charge, avoids overheating, and stops charging when it is no longer needed.