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Public "Open" WiFi hotspots in Italy? Here's what you really can find...

Friday, 22 November, 2013
Often you can read about new projects regarding the Free WiFi in Italy.
Lately many public WiFi networks have been launched with the purpose to offer the Free Wifi in  the centre of major cities.
Unfortunately we have to inform you that almost all of these projects are not designed for foreign tourists, that's the why:
  • All hotspots are located in squares or along the main streets discontinuously;
  • All public hotspots requires a authentication according to the italian laws;
  • The authentication form is often only in Italian;
  • The authentication requires a italian phone number to be completed where to send the login code via SMS;
  • The network code allows you a access to the Internet only for a few minutes/ small data amount each days.
The result is that for foreign tourists is almost always impossible to get a Internet access by public WiFi networks in italy.

Actually for example, in Rome, the public networks of "ATAC WiFi" or "Provincia WiFi" have these problems, not considering that:
  • after the authentication, often the browing speed is very low;
  • the networks maintenance is poor and many hotspots could be out of service.
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