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Save money and time with Witourist WiFi in Italy: here's the why!

Saturday, 14 September, 2013
With Witourist you will certainly save time and money to get your Internet access in Italy.
With a mobile WiFi ever in your pocket you will have no more worries about:
  • roaming plans to activate for each single personal device;
  • extra costs dued for data limits exceeded;
  • to correctly configure your favorite data network on each single personal device;
  • to look for a italian sim card, to insert in your device;
  • to subscribe a new contract with a italian TLC operator, paying attention to penalties and other overcharges;
  • any interruption of your live accounts, due to the replacement of your sim with a italian one;
  • to look for a economic solution for making calls to your country, also paying for a international phone card.
  • to look for "public" open hotspots in Italy, then discovering that the free Wifi really "open ad free" in Italy doesn't exist: see here the why.
  • to look for a temporary free WiFi access available at some store, paying for other services or consumptions eventually provided;
  • to look for a Hotel with a WiFi service, perhaps available upon payment, as often happens.
Enjoy your journey in Italy without worries, enjoy the best WiFi experience with Witourist to be always connected starting from only 1€ for day.

It is really very simple: book online here or look for Witourist at our Partners!