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That's why Witourist Internet in Italy is much better than any other Italian sim card:

Monday, 3 March, 2014
WiFi Internet in italy
If you are planning your travel in Italy surely you are looking for an Italian sim card to surf the Internet at a reasonable cost.

To Get an Italian sim card you have to be informed about what Italian operators offer and to do some effort to:
  • be informed about the best Internet plans in Italy;
  • find and reach the operator store nearest your hotel;
  • lose time to subscribe a new contract with the operator you have chosen;
An Italian sim card costs a lot:
  • Independently of the Italian operator the activation cost is about 20€;
  • You have to recharge the italian sim with at least a minimum of 5€;
  • For not losing your phone credit quickly, browsing the net with a standard time rate, you will have to ask for an Internet option on your italian sim card: this will have the minimum cost of 5€.
The result is that if you will be lucky you will pay for your Italian sim card at least 30€, but it may be much more, independently of your journey duration.
All this without considering that:
  • Your Italian sim card will be configured with a customer plan, with a low browsing speed;
  • You will have to change your own sim card into the mobile phone;
  • Sometimes you have to wait some hours for the activation of the Italian sim card.
Now you will not have these problems any more.
Rent a Witourist Mobile WiFi hotspot, booking it online or taking it directly in one of our partner's distribution point, 
  • Surf the Internet with the best mobile connection from 4€/day!

  • Share your Witourist Internet connection with up to 5 devices at the same time!

  • Forget all italian sim card troubles with the Witourist mobile Internet access.