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That's why Witourist wins the comparison in Italy with At&t or Verizon roaming rates

Tuesday, 21 January, 2014
Witourist is a young company with a simple and functional organization.
Witourist mobile hotspots work with italian sim cards, preconfigured with the best data plans.

Our data traffic prices are the lowest in the world, surely the most economical solution if you need a data plan during your stay in Italy.

If you look for Vodafone, AT&T or Verizon roaming rates in Italy you'll be surprised in seeing that their deals are similar and not at all cheap.

E.g. Verizon in Italy: 25$ / 100mb

You have to know that 100mb are just enough to see 20 minutes of your favorite video on youtube and than what happens?....during your stay you will realize that 100mb will not be enough at all, with the risk of paying heavy extra costs: this is exactly what the TLC operators want.

Witourist assures you daily rates suited to your needs:
with 25$ you can get an Witourist Internet access up to 20 days if you choose a Me plan, having the right to use up to 1Gb included in the entire period.
  • 10 times what Verizon can offer in Italy!
  • the same price required only for activation of a new sim card in Italy, without any data traffic bonus/options!
....and  by choosing Witourist you will have more:
  • the certainty of no extra costs, zero risks;
  • the ability to share the Witourist data connection with up to 5 different devices of yours.

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