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The new Witourist 4G Internet access in Italy

Tuesday, 11 November, 2014
Witourist WiFi 4G

Witourist is testing the new 4G WiFi network all over Italy.

The service will be available on witourist.com starting from the next december thanks to the new 4G WiFi hotspots with a unlimited data plan.
The new 4G unlimited data plan will allow to all foreign tourists to enjoy of the best WiFi Internet access in Italy , for a complete and professional browsing experience.
Will be enough to rent a 4G Wifi hotspot during your stay in Italy for having resolved all your family or your group connectivity needs, in a cheap and simple way, all in one solution, without risks, worries or loss of time.
Starting from december you will browse the Internet in Italy up to 20 or 30Mbps (really measured) in the major italian cities (Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples and Venice) for all your needs, for study or business, or simply to be informed in the best way during your tours.