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WiTourist is pleased to present the new OFFICE device

Monday, 4 April, 2022
WiTourist is pleased to present the new OFFICE device
OFFICE is the first fixed WiFi device offered by WiTourist, designed especially for professional needs where mobility is not essential and WiFi coverage is required at the maximum possible power.

It is sufficient to connect the OFFICE device to the wall socket to immediately have a high-performance data connection, wherever (1) you are, thanks to one of the most professional 4G mobile data plans in Italy (with dedicated APN and priority access to the cells) provided by one of the main Italian providers, with download speeds up to 150 Mbps and unlimited data traffic (2).

The direct connection to the wall socket and the two orientable antennas provided, allow a greater power of the WiFi signal and develop a coverage range of up to 20 meters (3).
It allows the connection of a maximum number of 32 devices at the same time (4) and therefore it is also perfect for events, exhibitions, fairs.

The OFFICE, like all WiTourist devices, will arrive ready for use. Just connect it to the wall socket, and connect to the WiFi using the password provided!

OFFICE: the professional solution to work anywhere! RENT NOW
  • (1) Italy - coverage 99.6% of the population - April 2019
  • (2) Fair policy applied
  • (3) In absence of walls
  • (4) The available bandwidth is divided among the connected devices