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WiTourist is the first operator to offer a 5G device for rental!

Thursday, 28 September, 2023
WiTourist is the first operator to offer a 5G device for rental!
We are pleased to announce, after over 4 months of rentals in the "business" sector, that from today it is also possible for our "consumer" customers to rent our new "5G OFFICE" WiFi device!

As we already reported in the "News" section a few months ago, the 5G WiFi device we developed allows incredible speeds, much higher than those of the best 4G devices.

While from our experience the average speed of 4G devices is in the order of 20-30 Mbps, although obviously they often allow speeds of over 80 Mbps, the 5G OFFICE device, in over a year of tests throughout Italy, allows an average speed in the order of 80-100 Mbps, and often allowed browsing at over 250 Mbps!
In short, using the professional IOT plan that we have written so much about, and truly excellent hardware, we are really proud to be able to rent a WiFi device that truly represents a "mobile" alternative to fiber! This an important step that we are taking first in the world, just as back in 2012 we were the first in Italy, and among the first in the world, to offer the rental of WiFi routers!
The 5G coverage of the operator we use is 95.9% of the Italian population. This means that practically all cities are now covered optimally, and even in rural areas coverage is now super-widespread.
The "5G OFFICE" device is of the fixed type, and it is therefore necessary to have an electrical socket. It has a size of approximately 12x12 cm and a height of approximately 20 cm. The weight is approximately 0.6 kg. It is a truly powerful device and offers superior performance even where coverage is only 4G, thanks to an antenna power in both reception and transmission that is much higher than the best mobile device available (which is our 4G PRO).

Those who are our customers know well how much we have always focused on quality, both of the data plan and of the hardware we rent. We tested for at least six months before establishing which WiFi device to use, and even in this case we aimed for the maximum, choosing a TCL LinkHub device, which even allows 256 connections at the same time! 

As already written many times, clearly, the available band is divided between every device simultaneously connected. You will have optimal performance on every device connected at the same time (for example, video streaming on more devices, we suggest not connecting more than ten devices simultaneously, in this way, you can have on each of them at least 5-10 Mbps, an adequate speed for HD streaming).
The TLC LinkHub device is reliable, steady, and easy to use. You only have to plug in the socket, and after about twenty seconds you will have your super WiFi network!

For the 5G OFFICE, the "Rental Guarantee" option is not provided, and during the rental order, a deposit of €290 is required. It will be refunded at the return of the device. 
If you rent an apartment and plan to do a very intense usage of WiFi, this option is the better one for a powerful connection for your family or your work team!
As we wrote at the beginning, the 5G router has already been available for months for our business clients, to provide the greatest services for mobile offices, fairs, and every event where is supposed to use the connection simultaneously and without problems of speed.

If you are a touristic operator interested in providing internet at a maximum speed only for high seasons or if you are a company interested in doing a rental over 6 months, you can contact us at this address partner@witourist.com to get a personalized quotation.