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testo personalizzabile
Last day of device usage, date on which the return will take place.
Return Details
If your accommodation has not an H24 reception desk, we will arrange the return of your device with the owner. The owner will give the package to the courier who will collect it from one of his personal addresses like home or office.

This procedure is necessary because the courier cannot collect upon appointment but he needs a range time for the collection (from 4 to 8 hours) and, of course, you can’t wait so much!

The owner is usually well-disposed to wait at his home or office to return the device for you. In the rare case in which he refuses to do that, we will inform you and will indicate the nearest TNT Point where to return the device autonomously.

Please indicate how to contact the owner:
Owner Information
Please inform the owner about the return of your package by courier and ask him for the following information.
Name on the ring bell for the courier, company name and opening hours if it’s an office, and so on…
Information about you
We need it in order to let the owner find your reservation.
You will be able to return your device to a TNT Point.
Choose your preferred TNT Point. The map is provided by the courier (TNT) and is available only in Italian, so please read accurately the instructions below before proceeding.
  • Click the button below to open the map. The address field is prefilled with the name of the city you have already indicated in your quotation. If you need to center the map on a specific address, please add it after the name of the city.
  • Click your preferred Point. A window with details will open. Please consider that the window is in Italian: "Orario di apertura" means "Opening time" and "Giorno di chiusura" means "Closing day".
  • Check accurately that the Point is open on the day and time you plan returning your device!
  • Click "Seleziona" (select) to confirm your choice.
  • When you will complete your booking, you will receive a detailed summary with all the information related to the Point chosen.
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