What can I do with 6 GB per day?

If you plan to rent a SMART 6 pocket WiFi, you can rest assured that all your family will be allowed to browse the Internet or send/receive emails with no problems. Reading an email, browsing the Internet, and listening to online music require ridiculous data usage, compared to 6 GB per day allowed by our devices.

The only real “DATA EATER” is the video streaming. The higher the video resolution is, the higher the GB consumption will be. For this reason, if you plan to watch video contents, we indicate below the average hourly data consumption for the main streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney+.

KEEP IN MIND: Generally, you can set the video quality depending on the platform you use. We suggest you to inform about that directly by reading the FAQ of the platform you use.

6 GB let you watch movies:
  • about 20 hours with video quality set to "low" (320p) - average usage about 0,3 GB/hour;
  • about 8,6 hours with video quality set to "standard" (720p) - average usage about 0,7 GB/hour;
  • about 2,4 hours with video quality set to "HD" (1024p) - average usage about 2,5 GB/hour.
The check takes place every hour, measuring the total traffic in the previous 24 hours. If the 6 GB is exceeded, the data connection is interrupted until midnight, and then automatically reactivated.

Lastly, remember that some automatic updates can consume significant amounts of traffic. While generally updating an app uses a few MB of traffic (1 MB is equivalent to the thousandth part of 1 GB) and therefore does not significantly affect the data traffic you have available, other updates, such as those of a PC or console operating system, can use significant traffic volumes, even higher than the 6 GB allowed per day. In such cases, it is sufficient to temporarily set your devices to not allow updates automatically when connected via Wi-Fi.