What are the daily data limits applied to devices rented directly by affiliated companies?

Specific daily limits are applied to SMART devices rented online and to the devices rented by our affiliated companies.

Here below is a list of the main companies and their daily limits.
Partner Gb/day
Amalfi 4
Pugliese 4
Typney 5
Lago Maggiore Group 7
Salati 5
Club del Sole 7
Happy Rentals 5
Italianway 12
Camper Business 12
Noleggiare 7

Please note that these values indicate the LOWEST LIMITS we can set and that we usually apply higher limits or don't apply limits at all!

The limits are regulated dynamically by the global usage of all WiTourist devices in an area because we use a "centralized" data plan and a very intense usage by a specific user may subtract bandwidth from all the other customers in the same area. For this reason, our server automatically regulates the limits during the year, on two bases: the minimum daily limit chosen by the affiliated company and the global usage of all WiTourist devices of that company.

Consequently, since in Summer our daily average traffic usage is considerably higher than in the rest of the year and almost all our devices work simultaneously,  usually only in a few weeks in the period from June to August the limits could reach the minimum values indicated in the list, while the rest of the year they are higher, generally in the range from 12 to 18 GB per day.