What is a TNT/FedEx Point and how does it work?

TNT/FedEx Points are businesses like stationery stores and airports luggage storages, that also allow you to drop off and pick up packages managed by the international courier FedEx. There are over 1200 points in Italy!

They are not directly related to WiTourist, but simply work as a delivery and return point for the courier!

If you rent a device by online booking, you can choose a FedEx Point to receive your hotspot. For pick up, you have to go there on the day chosen, respecting the opening hours, and present your ID. They will find your package under your name, and give it to you! For this reason, it is important that you always indicate the exact name of the person who will pick up the hotspot.

If you choose a FedEx Point to return your hotspot, you have to use the return envelope provided with its prefilled waybill (see FAQ E03), and they’ll accept the package. You don’t have to pay because everything is prepaid and organized prior!