What is "Insurance" option and how does it work?

According to a very clear scheme indicated in our Rental Agreement in  ART. 7.1, we foresee amounts as a penalty for any “real” damage suffered.

Fortunately, the incidence of these events is very low and over 95% of our customers concludes the rental without problems! However, if you want to avoid any risk of damage as a result of events not depending on your will as theft by third parties and / or accidental damage, we offer you the possibility of signing an "Insurance" for an amount proportional to the value of the devices and the duration of the rental.

In case of a theft, you just need to send us a copy of the complaint to the Italian Authorities with the list of the stolen devices within two working days from the event.
In case of damage, you will only have to return the damaged device, minding to inform us about the malfunction.

The Insurance offers you the benefit of not having to pay the deposits normally required.
In fact, in our standard rental formula, a deposit has to be paid for each device rented, corresponding to about 60% of the value of the device.

You can see the exact amount by clicking "details" below the image of each device in the quote request form, or in our "Rental Agreement", or in the quote itself when you don't choose the "Insurance" option. This deposit is refunded upon return of the device to our main office and it may be used by us to retain penalties’ amounts.

By activating the "Rental Insurance", you will not have to pay these deposits. In case of application of penalties for damages other than theft and / or damage already covered by the warranty, we will send you a request to be paid by the following 24 hours.