What does “progressive discount” mean?

For longer periods, we apply progressively higher discounts for the rental of all our WiFi devices and accessories (power bank and car charger).

The discount is 20% after the 10th day of rental and 40% after the 20th day.

Let's take an example with a SMART6 device:
- up to the 10th day the rental is €4.50;
- from the 11th day to the 20th day the rental drops to €3.6;
- from the 21st day the rental drops to around €2.4!.

In this way, for example, for 30 days, you would pay €45 for the first ten days, €36 for the next 10, and €24 for the last 10, for a total of €105!

Attention: in case of extension of the rental period, the rates are applied as if it were a new rental.