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Why are other data plans not truly “unlimited”?

Today, none of the major Italian telephone operators offer a standard data plan with a fixed monthly fee, and with truly unlimited data. As mobile internet usage is increasing, these operators offer only “pay per use” plans with a certain number of GB available per month, in order to optimize traffic capacity.

When you surpass the specific amount allowed, the speed is reduced and makes the use of some services impossible. Using questionable marketing terminology, many operators name these plans “unlimited” because after the limit is reached, while your access is still available, it is at a highly reduced speed.

We don’t pay a fixed monthly price, but proportionally to the data consumption of our devices, which makes the operator more interested in keeping the best performance possible, and eliminating all possible limitations!

IMPORTANT: please remember that this service is based on a mobile connection and if you use it intensively and continuously, you subtract bandwidth to all other users connected to the same antenna!
For this reason, all telephone operators apply "fair policy" rules for mobile connections and may suspend a SIM that is continuously, and for days, connected to the same antenna and uses a very big amount of data.
In our experience, the telephone operator we use (Wind-Tre) applies this suspension if you use more than 8-9 GB/day, with a continuous connection (at least 15-16 hours/day), for more days.
If they suspend a SIM, we will have to open a ticket with them and they usually reactivate the SIM in 2-3 working days.
For this reason, in order to ensure all our customers a good bandwidth and also to avoid long suspensions by the operator, we decided to apply our own "fair policy" rules and suspend the data connection “just a moment before” the operator would do it.
The great difference between the operator suspension and our suspension is that in the second case we are able to reactivate the SIM immediately, automatically and autonomously after midnight.
Our suspension is applied in case of data usage significantly higher than 8 GB/day for more days, a usage that we define “exceptional” also for a fixed connection.
To better understand this traffic value, please consider that 7-8 GB let you watching Netflix about 8 hours with video quality set to “standard” (about 1 hour/GB) and 16-32 hours with video quality set to "automatic" (2 to 4 hours/GB).
8 GB is more than 300% of all our devices daily average consumption nationwide (about 2.3 Gb/day in 2018).
In case of suspension, you will see "Internet not available". After midnight, the data connection is automatically re-enabled and you will be able to use your device again.
If you plan to make a very intensive usage of your mobile data plan (for example intensive peer to peer), we suggest you monitoring the wifi data usage with the data counter available on our “Pro” pocket wifi device and/or with data monitoring applications on your own devices (integrated into operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows).