Visit an affiliated store and rent a WiTourist device without delivery fees.
The return can be done for free to the same store, otherwise, you can return the device to your hotel for 10 € extra fee.

Stores Prices
+ € 4,00 for the user registration
  • The stores rent only 4G Basic devices.
  • Each store has a certain number of devices to face the average demand and it is not possible to reserve a device.
  • The stores are independent of WiTourist and work under their own responsibility, adopting contractual conditions that you can visit on the page
  • The registration of the order and the payment can be only done at the store while renting.
  • According to the Store, a pre-authorization can be requested as a deposit.
  • Return to the hotel is only possible for facilities with a 24-hour reception (no B&B, apartments and TNT Point) and the hotel name must be indicated at the time of rental.

Browse the map to find your nearest Store.