Tag WiTourist and get a refund!


  1. Follow WiTourist on Instagram or like our page on Facebook
  2. Post a picture telling how WiTourist is helping your stay in Italy on your Facebook or Instagram profile;
  3. Tag WiTourist on your post;
Every month, the post receiving more reactions will be repaid with the refund of the rental.

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  1. The picture has to be posted exclusively during a rental period of a device and has to represent our service.
  2. The tally of the reactions will take place on the 15th day of the month. We will take into account exclusively the pictures posted in the month before.
  3. We will post the 3 pictures receiving more reactions, indicating the numbers of reactions received for each up to that moment. The picture which will receive more reactions will be declared the winner.
  4. If more pictures have the same number of likes, the winner will be the most recent one. 
  5. We will refund the rental amount paid and actually enjoyed, relating to the order in force at the moment of the publication of the post, by the 5 days following the telly.
  6. If you post a picture during a rental extension, the refund will be issued only for the amount paid for the period of the extension. 
  7. The refund will be issued exclusively through the same payment method used at the moment of the rental (credit card or account on PayPal).
  8. The refund will be issued only for the amount related to the rental of 1 device. In the case of rental of more than 1 device we will refund the rental amount related to the more expensive one.
  9. You authorize us to repost the contents you created for the contest and use them for eventual future promotions.